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Agricultural Loans

There's Hope for Your Farm

Being farmers ourselves, we understand the financial needs of a growing agricultural business. We are proud to provide a wide range of loans that are essential to your agricultural financing needs. 

With our Ag Line of Credit Loans you will find flexible lending choices to help with crops, livestock purchases, repairs, supplies and other operating expenses.
We understand that machinery and equipment are a necessity in order to keep your farm up and running. We offer flexible machinery and equipment loans to farmers so they can continue to work without the stress and worry of how they are going to fund repairs or purchase new equipment. 
Whether you are constructing new buildings, expanding your farm, making improvements or refinancing your current mortgage, our loan officers can customize an Ag Real Estate Loan that works for you.
Farm Service Agency (FSA) Loans provide our agricultural producers help to get the financing they need to start, expand or maintain their family farm. 
Our Livestock & Crop Production Loans provide our farmers a financing option to obtain any new livestock, crops or to refinance an existing loan.
We understand that buying land and property is no easy task.  Speak with a loan officer today if you are looking to further grow your operation.  With you in mind, we will work with you on tailoring a loan program that fits your needs.