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Providing Quality Service to our Communities Since 1923

The history of The First National Bank of Hope is a lengthy one. With almost 100 years of assisting our customers, we take pride in how we have grown in the communities we support. 

  • 1922 - The State Bank of Hope was sold to the Peoples State Bank
  • 1923 - The Peoples State Bank was converted into a National Banking Charter named The First National Bank of Hope, Kansas. 
  • 1927 - The Farmers State Bank in Hope went out of business due to the great depression and their bank building was purchased by The First National Bank of Hope. 
  • 1967 - A new bank building was built at 112 N. Main Street and the old building was sold to the local School District #481. 
  • 2000 - A complete renovation of the existing building and a 1400 square foot addition with full basement was added. Other improvements were a large concrete parking lot, landscaping, and an ATM machine. 
  • 2013 - Citizens State Bank of Miltonvale, Kansas merged with The First National Bank of Hope. 
  • 2015 - The decision was made to open a third location in Herington, Kansas. The old Exchange Bank Building was purchased and remodeled for this new branch. 

The First National Bank of Hope has enjoyed continuous local ownership and management throughout its history.  There have been only five bank Presidents since the bank was chartered.  Jess Coup (a native of Talmage, KS) held the position for the longest period.  He went to work for the bank in 1937 as Cashier and was elected President and Chairman of the Board in 1943.  He served in that position until his death in 1975.  Before he went to work for the bank he served as the Dickinson County Treasurer and also was a business teacher and coach at Hope High School.
  • 1923-1943: Ed Nelson, President
  • 1943-1975: Jess Coup, President
  • 1975-1996: Leon Coup, President
  • 1996-2020: Dan Coup, President
  • 2020-Present: Dan Cook, President
Dan Coup, Chairman of the Board
Dan Cook, CEO/President
Gary Coup, Senior Vice President/Cashier
Danny Emig
Mark Riedy
Dan Cook, President/CEO  (with the bank since 2007) 
Gary Coup, Sr. Vice President/Cashier  (1991)
Douglas Carlson, Sr. Vice President/CCO  (2012)
Danielle Andrew, Vice President  (2010)
Dillon Cook, Vice President  (2018)
Maria Lorson, Compliance/BSA Officer  (2019)
Bethany Hajek, Assistant Cashier  (2015)
Carla Hajek, Loan Secretary/Teller   (1999)
Lorrie Adkins, Teller  (2012)
Melissa Hoffman, Bookkeeper  (2022)
Katharina Bigham, Teller  (2016)
Amy Richmond, Teller/Bookkeeper  (2016)
Colleen Klug, Teller  (2020)
Haley Shore, Teller  (2022)
Lacey Wingerd, Bookkeeper  (2023)
Daren Sanders, Sr. Vice President/Loan Officer  (with the bank since 1990)
Rose Scott, Teller  (2013)
Hali Schultz, Teller  (2018)

People having a picnic in a park
Community Involvement
April 14, 2001 a celebration was held for the completion of the bank renovations at the Hope Branch.
It brings us joy to be involved in the communities we service. Come see us at many local events and parades!