If you get an unexpected pop-up claiming that your computer has a virus or needs service, NEVER click it! This is likely part of a scam designed to get you to hand control of your computer to hackers remotely. ***THERE'S "HOPE" FOR YOUR MONEY!***


The safer, faster, convenient way to bank.

E-Statements advantages:

  • Statements and images arrive more secure and earlier than if sent by traditional mail.
  • Statements and images can be stored on your personal computer.
  • Need a copy of a check? You can easily print it from your own computer.
  • Prefer a paper copy of your statement? You can easily print it.
  • Receive images of your checks.

What are E-Statements:

An E-Statement is your regular statement that is sent to you electronically.  The email is password protected and encrypted; this allows the E-Statement to be more secure than regular mail.  Using E-Statements is free and allows you to receive copies of your checks regardless of what type of checking account you have with the bank.  You have the flexibility to save your statement onto your computer electronically and print a copy for your convenience.

How do I sign up for E-Statements:

Fill out the E-Statement enrollment form that is located below and mail or bring it into the bank.  Once we have processed your enrollment form you will be sent a test email.  You must reply to the email to confirm correct information.  Once this is confirmed, your next statement will be sent electronically. 

For more informnation contact us at:
Main Hope Bank
112 N. Main St in Hope
Miltonvale Branch
201Starr Ave in Miltonvale