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Other Business Products & Services

For your Business Financial Needs

Certificate of Deposit
Our certificate of deposit accounts provide you with a safe and secure investment that guarantees an attractive rate of return over a specified period of time. We offer terms of 91-day, 182-day, 12 month, 18 month, 24 month, 30 month, 30 day jumbo, 36 month, 48 month, 60 month and 60 month bump up. See our current rates.

First National On-line Banking
Our on-line banking gives you instant access via the Internet to your bank accounts. View account information and transfer funds with First National On-line Banking. You can even download your account information to personal financial programs such as Quicken® and Microsoft Money®.

First National Bank TeleBank
Your accounts can be conveniently accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the telephone. Safe and secure, customers access accounts through a password. Features and functions include account balance, account information inquiry, funds transfer, loan payments and more. No application is necessary for this service. Dial the First National Bank TeleBank phone number 366-7300 or 1-877-747-2334.

Free Check Safekeeping
Storing cancelled checks is a nuisance for most people, so First National Bank maintains computerized copies of all checks and deposits for you. This provides the significant benefit of reducing your paperwork storage needs. Your monthly bank statement will record all your deposits and withdrawals. If you have a question about any check or deposit, you can simply call the bank and have us look it up for you or we can mail you a copy for proof of payment for a small fee.

SHAZAM© Check Card
Use your SHAZAM© Check Card any place that accepts Master Card PIN based transactions. It provides access to your account 24 hours a day at ATMs to check account information, make withdrawals or transfer funds between your accounts. In addition, it can be used at participating retailers for your purchases. The amount is deducted directly from your checking account. First National Bank is also a participating Shazam© Privilege Status financial institutions without paying surcharge fees. These ATMs are located all over the country. Click here to locate these ATMs. Visit us to see which cards fits your needs.

First National Bank Credit Card
For a printable application please login to your Online Banking account. If you are not currently an Online Banking customer please contact us and we will provide you with an application.

An IRA is a simple retirement plan allowing you to defer taxes on your investment earnings until withdrawal of the funds. You may also be eligible to deduct all or a portion of the amount you contribute annually to your IRA. Please consult your tax advisor. Contact our customer service department to learn more about the different types of IRAs that we offer. See our current IRA Rates.

For added convenience, Bank-by-Mail service allows you to make deposits or withdrawals from your account without having to go to the bank.

Direct Deposit
With direct deposit, you can have most forms of regularly scheduled income payments automatically transferred, upon your authorization, to any of your First National Bank checking or savings accounts. This is ideal for payroll checks, interest payments, Social Security and other government payments.

Safe Deposit Boxes
First National Bank offers a variety of safety deposit boxes for your valuables and important documents.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Hope Miltonvale Branch Herington Branch
Price Size Price Size Price Size
$50.00/Year 10" x 10" $20.00/Year 10" x 3" $30.00/Year 10" x 5"
$30.00/Year 10" x 5" $15.00/Year 5" x 4" $20.00/Year 10" x 3"
$20.00/Year 10" x 3" $10.00/Year 5" x 3" $15.00/Year 5" x 5"
$15.00/Year 5" x 4"     $10.00/Year 5" x 3"
$10.00/Year 5" x 3"        

Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks
When you need to send your money or when cash is not accepted for a large purchase, a First National Bank money order or cashier’s check is the safe, convenient substitute.

Wire Transfers
Whenever it becomes necessary to directly transfer funds from your First National Bank account to a domestic and/or foreign bank, we can assist you with wire transfers. These electronic transfers make funds immediately available to the recipient.

Borrow the money you need and budget your monthly payments for purchases such as a new home, home improvement project, a new vehicle, college tuition or a vacation. Subject to credit approval. Visit Loan Services for more information.

First National Bank offers the following products and services. Please stop by our bank or contact us for more information.
Check Cashing • Coin Counting • Notary Service

*Insurance products are: