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Welcome To First National Bank Of Hope

Since the organization of The First National Bank of Hope in 1923, the goals have been to provide quality financial services to the people and businesses of the community and surrounding area. The First National Bank of Hope is an independent community bank that has provided stability and continuity of service to its many customers since 1923. The following is a brief history of the bank.

1922 The State Bank of Hope was sold to the Peoples State Bank.

1923 The Peoples State Bank was converted into a National Banking Charter named The First National Bank of Hope, Kansas.

1927 The Farmers State Bank in Hope went out of business due to the great depression and their bank building was purchased by The First National Bank of Hope.

1967 A new bank building was built at 112 N. Main Street and the old building was sold to the local School District #481 who is using it as their school district office.

2000 A complete renovation of the existing building and a 1400 square foot addition with full basement was added. Other improvements were a large concrete parking lot, landscaping, and an ATM machine.

In 2013 Citizens State Bank of Miltonvale Kansas merged with The First National Bank of Hope.

In 2015 the decision was made to open a 3rd location in Herington Kansas.  The old Exchange Bank building was purchased and remodeled for this new branch.

Herington Location

The history of the Citizens State Bank of Miltonvale dates back to 1946. In 1946 the area Bank of Idana decided to liquidate its assets leaving a large area without any banking service. Mr. J.N. McMichael, President of Ottawa County Bank, Minneapolis, contacted Mr. J.R. Ayres, a bank examiner, about starting a bank in Miltonvale. Mr. Ayres moved his wife, El Dana, and his young daughter, Susanne to Miltonvale. Mr. Ayres along with his wife, El Dana, steadfastly worked to make Citizens State Bank a dependable and reliable financial institution. Citizens State Bank was originally capitalized with $35,000; surplus $7,000, and undivided profits of $3500. There have only been four Chairmen in the history of Citizens State Bank since and they include Mr. J.N. McMichael, J.R. Ayres, El Dana S. Ayres, and Dale A Bradley (Mr. Ayres’ son-in-law), and only four that have held the title of President; J.R. Ayres, El Dana S. Ayres, Dale A. Bradley, and Tammera S. Marrs (Mr. Bradley’s daughter). In 2013 the Citizens State Bank of Miltonvale merged with The First National Bank of Hope.

The First National Bank of Hope has enjoyed continuous local ownership and management throughout its history. There have been only four bank Presidents since the bank was chartered. Jess Coup (a native of Talmage, KS) held the position for the longest period. He went to work for the bank in 1937 as Cashier and was elected President and Chairman of the Board in 1943. He served in that position until his death in 1975. Before he went to work for the bank he served as the Dickinson County Treasurer and also was a business teacher and coach at Hope High School.

Leon J. Coup, Chairman of the Board (hired by bank in 1958)
Dan K Coup, CEO and President (1969)
Daniel W. Cook, Vice President (2007)
Douglas Carlson, Sr. Vice President/CCO (2012)
Gary Coup, Vice President/Cashier (1991)
Nicole Will, Compliance/BSA/AML Officer (2016)
Carson Honse, Ag Loan Officer (2017)
Linda Riedy, Data Processing (1983)
Danielle Andrew, Assistant Vice President (2010)
Lorna Morgan (1980)
Gail Pilcher (1984)
Carla Hajek (1999)
Julie Deines (2004)
Lorrie Adkins (2012)
Bethany Hajek (2015)
Brittany Peterson (2015)
Katharina Bigham (2016)
Amy Richmond (2016)
Daren Sanders, Vice President/Ag Loan Officer (1990)
Rose Scott (2013)
Kaitlin Frerking (2016)
Melissa McNeil (2016)
Leon J. Coup
Dan K Coup
Danny R. Emig
Mark L. Riedy
Daniel W. Cook
Gary G. Coup

The First National Bank of Hope has grown into a strong and stable Community Bank. The bank has been awarded a five-star rating for every quarter since March 1993 by BAUERFINANCIAL Reports, Inc. A five-star rating is the highest rating and indicated that this bank is one of the safest in the United States. We attribute our success to good management, good employees and most importantly GOOD CUSTOMERS.